Trav Pro Mobile

Supporting agents around the globe with a sales companion built from the ground up.
I focused on UX / UI design and branding


Branding and website for a relaxing weekend cottage resort in the beautiful and serene Khao Yai, Thailand.

Poster - Electro 2017

A poster designed for a fictional festival in Frankfurt, Germany.

Triple C

Triple C focuses on communities, companies and climate. I made a visual identity and business cards with a storng focus on trustworthiness and modernity

30 logo challenge

Making a logo a day, for 30 days

Graphics in Motion

Motion graphics is one of many interests that I've recently started working in. Over the year I've made various animations and flat design graphics for personal projects. Page coming soon.

About me

A multimedia designer from the Netherlands focusing on design & concepting, interaction and game design.

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