Electro 2017

A poster designed for a fictional festival in Frankfurt, Germany

Triple C Consulting

Triple C focuses on communities, companies and climate. I made a visual identity and business cards with a storng focus on trustworthiness and modernity

Game Design and coding
Saturn Renegades

This is a DOOM style first person shooter i'm developing in Game Maker Studio. I did the programming and graphics. It consists of 5 areas, diverse enemy types and an original soundtrack tailored for the game.

Sinadinakis Wine

I made the official rebrand of ELTYNA organic wine by Sinadinakis. This comes in three variations.

Branding & Concepting internship

I followed an internship at Mattmo, working multidisciplinary and cross-culturally to create projects of every shape and size. I worked on projects including packaging design, brand & identity, UI and graphic design.


Bloxx is an educational game prototype I helped make for Kentalis. (A place for people with language disabilities and hearing problems). I was in charge of programming concept design and the visual design.
This was a school project.
view project

About me

I'm a multimedia designer from the Netherlands focusing on graphic design, visual identity and game design with a passion in design and interaction.


  • +316 54 75 38 78
  • The Netherlands

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