Graphics in Motion

Motion graphics is one of many interests that I've recently started working in. Over the year I've made various animations and flat design graphics for personal projects. Page coming soon.

Rye X

Website design for a fictional fashion brand

Poster - Electro 2017

A poster designed for a fictional festival in Frankfurt, Germany.

Triple C

Triple C focuses on communities, companies and climate. I made a visual identity and business cards with a storng focus on trustworthiness and modernity

Nebula Brawl

2d platform brawler game. Programming, Concepting, and Design by Mischa.

Game Design and coding
Saturn Renegades

This is a DOOM style first person shooter i'm developing in Game Maker Studio. I did the programming and graphics. It consists of 5 areas, diverse enemy types and an original soundtrack tailored for the game.


Business card design

Branding & Concepting internship

I followed an internship at Mattmo, working multidisciplinary and cross-culturally to create projects of every shape and size. I worked on projects including packaging design, brand & identity, UI and graphic design.

About me

A multimedia designer from the Netherlands focusing on design & concepting, interaction and game design.

Currently looking for an internship!


  • +316 54 75 38 78
  • The Netherlands

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