Working with Chronicle Bench

Chronicle Bench is a game development team formed around 2015. Together we brought out Earth Overclocked in 2016 (where I worked as a pixel artist). As the artist I mostly created environment art, weapons, and UI. In 2017 we worked on a far more ambitious project: Coded Universe (see image above). Unfortunately this project was cancelled, restarted, and cancelled again due to various flaws such as weak core mechanics and slow production time.

Fortunately, I was able to use this time to acquire a new skill: animating characters in Spine. The character artwork was designed by someone else (Rik Slimlach). I was also in charge of creating the UI and worked together to shape various concepts and story elements.

Coded Universe - Prototype Examples [2016-2017]

Earth Overclocked - Final Game [2016]

Our first commercial game: Earth Overclocked is a frantic top-down rogue-lite adventure starring a scientist who is terrible at making time machines, featuring a diverse weapon-based combat system in 360 degrees. It's published on Steam here

Solo Projects

I've coded and designed a few prototypes on my own using Game Maker Studio.