Message Designer

Message Designer is a web service made for the marketing team at Crowd Media. As part of its efforts to promote their global Q&A services through influencer content, it allows the creation of hassle free messaging animations without the need for complex software such as After Effects. This allowed the marketing team to easily insert animations in organic influencer content on social media. Secondly, it allows you to export the code styling to Crowd Media's chatbot technologies used in their e-commerce branch. Personalizing the designs to various brands or products has helped increase sales activation through qualitative visual consistency and maintaining brand guidelines.

UX Research: Inspired by competitor solutions, I've created the interface that focused on the priorities and needs of the marketing team at Crowd Media. Through early prototypes (created in MarvelApp) and user interviews, I've cut down redesigns and performed qualitative usability testing that shaped the core features of the end-product.


Create beautiful messaging mockups by editing colors, fonts, backgrounds, and other details Export your files as videos, PNGs, or HTML/CSS. A list of 5+ templates are available to choose form.

Use Cases

The main use of Message Designer was to export animated graphics for advertisements of Crowd Media's Q&A technologies that make up integral parts of the business. These were often used along with influencer content across multiple platforms and a global reach of 20+ countries. Due to the non-design backgrounds, it was essential to create a product that was easy to use while providing a flexible and professional end product.

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