Project Overview

At the core of their strategy TravPro Mobile creates online platforms that helps businesses activate more sales by providing their employees with an elite training program and complementary Sales Companion™. This helps successfully engage and influence their buyers throughout the buying process, anytime, anywhere. However, TravPro’s growth model is inefficient due to its slow and inflexible product architecture. Also,with the rise of new competitors, TravPro wants to improve the user experience while visually standing out as a trustworthy and premium service that entices future customers. Through our sub-client True Caribbean, we will redesign and develop the product framework to tackle these issues.


TravPro has used our newly designed Sales Companion to successfully close deals with new clients such as Barcelo (Hotels & Resorts) and Amazing Thailand. I have created branding guidelines and designs that now play a key role in maintaining research driven decisions with a centralized philosophy and ensuring faster and simpler production of future platforms. By conducting user tests over multiple iterations, we have been able to increase the satisfaction of people using the platform.

Native App

Web App

mobile mockup

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Design process

For quick sketching and mockups I used Indesign. Photo editing was done in Photoshop. During the production process I created prototypes in various apps including: MarvelApp, InvisionApp, and Finally Origami Studio. During the creation I did user tests and worked alongside the client's feedback.

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Early in the design phase I presented 3 stylescapes to the client to get a feel of the direction we wanted to go

Stylescape 1

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Stylescape 2

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Tech Preview

External Links
Find our research paper here (Dutch)

Old Prototypes (2018 Q1)
For Android

Web version